Winter Heating Oil Delivery Checklist

Posted: January 23, 2023

Don’t get caught without heating oil!

heating oil delivery rhode island While winter has not been too hard on us yet here in Rhode Island, there’s still plenty of time for winter to do its worst.

That is why it is essential that your home always has the heating oil it needs to keep your home warm, safe, and comfortable. We have put together a task list of ways you can be assured that Vaughn Oil can always make a heating oil delivery when you need it.

Make sure Vaughn Oil can get to your heating oil tank

As winter brings snow and ice, shoveling and clearing your driveway and walkways can become an unpleasant task. Although inconvenient, it is necessary.

Vaughn Oil is committed to the safe delivery of heating oil. If our delivery drivers cannot safely navigate your driveway or get to your heating oil tank or fill pipe, we will unfortunately not be able to deliver your heating oil.

We ask that you please clear your driveway to a width of 10 feet. Inclines on driveways can be hazardous for large vehicles such as our delivery trucks; therefore, adding de-icer or sand is strongly recommended to provide extra traction. Thank you in advance for taking this precaution!

You also need to provide access to your fuel tank or fill line. Create a clear path that is at least one foot wide between it and your driveway. When hiring snow removal services, kindly remind them to leave this path clear while they are working. Furthermore, make sure that the tank/fill line is still visible after heavy snowfall by placing a tall pole next to it with either a bright flag or ribbon on top.

If you happen to be absent when your fuel delivery is due, please ensure that your driveway and the path leading to your tank or fill line are clear. Additionally, if there is a gate blocking access, make sure someone is available to unlock it for the delivery.

Protect your heating oil tank

Snow accumulation on outdoor heating oil tanks carries inherent risks that you should be aware of. Heavy snow can cause the legs to buckle or create cracks, and thus fuel leakage can occur. To guarantee safe removal of excessive snow build-up, use a broom only; never an ice scraper or shovel as they could damage the heating oil tank or its components.

Speaking of protecting your heating oil tank, Vaughn Oil offers Tank Secure heating oil tank protection.

Keep in touch with Vaughn Oil

If you’re a Vaughn Oil Automatic Delivery customer, we’d appreciate it if you could notify us of any extended trips away from home that last more than one week. This information is important because our calculations that determine when you’ll need more heating oil include your prior heating oil history. If we know you won’t be home and thus not using as much heating oil for that time, an unnecessary delivery may be prevented.

When it comes to reliable heating oil delivery to Rhode Island homes, Vaughn Oil can’t be beat! Become a customer today.