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Why Your Bills Are Going Up Dear Valued Customer, Once again, we’re seeing energy prices surge across the board. We know how painful that can be for our customers. It’s painful for us, as well. What’s Going On? Gasoline has risen more than a dollar more per gallon vs. a year ago. Natural gas prices […]

Is It Ok for You To Fix Your Own Heat?

What You Can Do Before Calling For Service Vaughn Oil’s skilled heating technicians are here for just about all of your heating system needs and repairs. However, if you’re experiencing problems with your heat you may be able to fix them all on your own. Below is a list of common problems people face with […]

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

Signs That It’s Time For An Upgrade Thinking about a furnace replacement may not be at the top of your mind, but with winter right around the corner it should be something you’re considering so that you’re fully prepared for any and all cold temperatures that are in our future. And keep in mind that […]

Why Tune-up Your Heating System in the Fall?

While it may not necessarily feel cold or even brisk outside, we all know the inevitable is upon us – winter is coming. And whether you’re a fan of winter or not, one thing we can universally agree upon is the comfort of a nicely heated home. Vaughn Oil is here to help ensure your […]

Gas/Oil Furnace or an Electric Heat Pump—What’s Better?

Find Out Which One Keeps You Warmer for Less In many states of our country, legislators have embarked on an all-out effort to electrify everything, including the way we heat our homes. They mistakenly believe that converting away from all fossil fuels and installing electric heat pumps is the answer. These plans are gaining momentum […]

Is My Heating Oil Tank the Right Size?

A Lot May Have Changed Since Your Current Tank Was Installed A heating-oil storage tank offers an important advantage: the ability to safely store an adequate supply of heating oil that’s ready for immediate use whenever a need to heat the home arises. While it’s true that heating-oil storage tanks can last for decades, they need to […]

All About Bioheat® Fuel for Your Rhode Island Home

At Vaughn Oil, we proudly deliver Bioheat® fuel to all of our customers, and we want to make sure you know all about this eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating fuel, including its many advantages. While many people believe that heating oil is not environmentally friendly, advancements in recent years have given us a much cleaner […]

Fall Is Coming: Heating System Check-up Time!

Officially, there is still almost another month of summer left – but unofficially, with Labor Day coming right up, we all know that autumn’s cool days and nights will soon be upon us…

What Questions Should I Ask a Heating Oil Contractor?

If you’re looking for a heating contractor to upgrade or service a heating oil system in your Rhode Island home, it pays to do your homework so you can separate the legitimate candidates from the also-rans.

What’s the Difference Between a Furnace and a Boiler?

Most people refer to their home heating system as a furnace, but that’s not always true: it could also be a boiler.