Are Heating Oil Systems Becoming Outdated?

Vaughn Oil helps you make the most of your oil-fired heating systems In a world that’s increasingly focused on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, the question on many homeowners’ minds is, “Are heating oil systems becoming outdated?” Heating oil has been a reliable source of home heating for decades, known for its warmth and efficiency. […]

Diesel Fuel Efficiency Tips for Your Fleet

Partner with Vaughn Oil for your diesel fueling needs Managing a fleet comes with its own unique set of challenges, and one of the most crucial aspects to monitor is fuel efficiency. Fuel costs are often among the largest expenses for companies, making it essential to focus on optimizing fuel consumption. By improving diesel fuel […]

How to Keep Your Furnace Clean

Trust Vaughn Oil to take good care of your home’s furnace With spring here and summer just around the corner, you are not likely to be thinking about your Rhode Island home’s furnace. However, a few minutes’ thought right now can put you ahead of the game when heating season rolls around again this fall. […]

What Determines Home Heating Oil Prices?

Get fair, transparent pricing from Vaughn Oil For homeowners who rely on home heating oil to keep their dwellings warm during the winter, the cost of this essential commodity can be a significant variable in their financial planning. Unlike the more stable natural gas or electricity prices, home heating oil prices are known to fluctuate […]

How Often Should a Home Heating System Be Serviced?

Get expert maintenance for your furnace or boiler from Vaughn Oil The chill of winter can be cozy in your Rhode Island home if you’re well-prepared with a reliable home heating system. But for it to keep you warm and comfortable, it’s crucial to give your home heating system the attention it needs. Regular maintenance […]

How To Maintain Your Boiler

Advice for homeowners in Smithfield, RI, and nearby communities Maintaining your home’s boiler is essential for ensuring consistent warmth, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, especially during those cold spells when you rely on it the most. You can keep your oil-fired boiler in top condition with expert boiler maintenance and repair services from Vaughn Oil. A […]

Common Furnace Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

Vaughn Oil takes good care of your home’s furnace! Your home’s furnace is what’s standing between you and a very cold home and potentially frozen pipes. You can prevent that with regular, professional furnace maintenance tune-ups from Vaughn Oil. Our skilled and experienced service technicians will clean and tune-up the parts in your furnace while […]

What Determines the Cost of Heating Oil?

Vaughn Oil helps you control your heating oil costs At Vaughn Oil, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with fair, competitive, and transparent prices for heating oil. But that’s not all. We go above and beyond to deliver exceptional value. Along with our affordable prices, you can count on dependable heating oil delivery and […]

Home Heating Efficiency Tips and Recommendations

Cut your energy costs, not your comfort! Winter’s knocking on the door here in Rhode Island. Are you and your heating system ready? According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, homeowners who use heating oil for home heating can see their heating costs rise by approximately 8%. This is because although heating […]

Boiler Installation & Maintenance for A Cozy Cold Season

Be ready for winter with Vaughn Oil! If you have a boiler in your Rhode Island home, you know the great heating they provide. Boilers are a closed-loop solution for heating your home. Water is used to generate and circulate warmth in the form of heated water or steam without needing fresh, potable water because […]