Technician furnace

Repair vs. Replace: What Should I Do with My Furnace?

A properly installed heating oil furnace will last 15 years or more if it is regularly maintained by professionals.

Circuit breaker

Why Does My Furnace Trip My Circuit Breaker?

If you have owned your heating oil furnace for a while, you have probably watched it trip its circuit breaker in your Rhode Island home at least once.

Price changes

What Causes Changes in the Price of Heating Oil?

If you have been a heating oil customer for a while, you have probably noticed that the price of heating oil can fluctuate quite a bit from season to season and year to year.

Cold woman wrapped in blanket

Late Winter Heating Trouble? Try These Five Things before Calling for Service

The good news here in Rhode Island is that we are on the brink of the last month of winter 2018/2019 – soon it will be time to turn off your heating equipment, open your windows, and enjoy the first warm breeze of spring.

Water heater

Winter Is Hard on Your Water Heater, Too

Your home heating system works hardest during the winter as it attempts to keep pace with cold Rhode Island temperatures to keep you comfortable.

Dusty table

Six Ways to Reduce Dust in Your RI Home

If you have a forced air system (a furnace with vents, not baseboards or radiators) in your Rhode Island home, a little thing like dust can cause some big problems for you…

Woman adjusting thermostat

“How Much Heating Oil Will I Use This Winter?”

How much heating oil will I need this year? It’s a question that most of us ask at one point or another over the course of a heating season…

Feet heating

What Cleaner ULSHO Means for You

Something happened last summer in Rhode Island and throughout New England that didn’t make big headlines, but will have a big impact on our planet and your wallet this year and in the years to come.

Snow-cleared driveway

Help Us Help You: Four Ways to Keep Your Heating Oil Deliveries Coming This Winter

At Vaughn Oil, we work hard to provide reliable, on-time heating oil delivery to Rhode Island customers like you – but sometimes the weather makes our jobs just a little more difficult.

Happy family sitting on bed

Why Choose Automatic Delivery from Vaughn Oil?

Managing heating oil deliveries isn’t most people’s idea of winter fun – nor is dealing with the consequences of a fuel run-out in the dead of winter here in Rhode Island.