Heating system tune-up

Do I Need a Heating System Tune-Up Every Year?

Evenings are starting to cool down here in Rhode Island, and before you know it you’ll be turning on your heating system to take the edge off at home.

Choose heating oil

Top Reasons to Choose Heating Oil

More than 8 million US households, including homeowners throughout Rhode Island, choose to heat their home with heating oil, and for some pretty good reasons – especially when compared with natural gas.

Examining air vent

How Do I Increase Airflow with My Furnace?

Does it sometimes feel like your oil furnace* takes far more time than it should to get your home to the right temperature during the fall and winter?

Heating oil tank gauge

Reading Your Heating Oil Tank Gauge

Reading a heating oil gauge may seem like a pretty basic skill to master – and it is. But it’s also an important skill to have, especially if you’re a will call customer who schedules your own heating oil deliveries.

Heating oil safety

How Safe Is Heating Oil?

Heating oil has been used to heat New England homes for nearly a century, and for good reason: all-in-all, it just might be the most cost-effective way to produce the kind of heat we need to keep us safe and cozy through our long Rhode Island winters.


Are There Any Rebates for High Efficiency Furnaces or Boilers?

If you have been waffling on committing to buy a new heating oil furnace, it is probably for one of two reasons (or a combination of both):

Cost of furnace

What Affects the Cost of a Furnace?

A new oil-fired furnace can be a great investment for your Rhode Island home – especially if it’s replacing an older unit that may have lost 20 to 30 percent or more of its efficiency over the years.

Heating oil

How Long Is Heating Oil Good For?

Running out of heating oil in the middle of a cold Rhode Island winter is something we all want to avoid; to keep this from happening, most of us buy our fuel oil in batches throughout…

Water condensation

Warm Weather and Your Heating Oil Tank: What You Should Know

Now that summer has officially arrived here in Rhode Island, you’re probably not thinking very much about your heating oil tank or your home heating equipment – and that can cost you, if you’re not careful.

Summer indoors

Should I Turn off My Furnace During the Summer?

Summer 2019 is here, and with it comes thoughts of finally setting your thermostat for “cool” in your Rhode Island home.