Home heating oil

Should I Buy a Home That Uses Heating Oil?

Two of the most overlooked factors when it comes to comparing homes for purchase here Rhode Island are also two of the most important: the kind of heating system the home uses, and the type of fuel that powers it.

Home warmth

Avoid Heating Oil Run-Outs with Automatic Delivery from Vaughn Oil

It’s easy to forget about checking the gauge on your heating oil tank, especially with all we have on the go these days.

Heating oil delivery

How Do I Prepare for a Home Heating Oil Delivery?

At Vaughn Oil, we take great pride in delivering your heating oil on time in any Rhode Island weather – but we can’t do that without your help!

Office heating system

Winter Is on the Way – Is Your Office Heating System Ready?

A no-heat emergency at home can be a real problem in the dead of a Rhode Island winter, but you can usually find someplace warm and safe to stay while you schedule heating equipment repairs.

Does heating oil provide the best heat for your home?

A home heating system can have a dramatic affect on both your comfort and energy costs, especially here in Rhode Island where we rely on heat for eight months a year. The good news is that there are many options for heating our homes here in the Northeastern U.S. But when it comes to providing […]

Heating system tune-up

Do I Need a Tune-Up for My Oil Heating System Every Year?

Now that fall is here, it’s time to ask that ask that annual (oil) burning question: will my furnace or boiler be up to the challenge of another New England winter?

Home energy efficiency

Fall Home Energy Efficiency Tips

Warmer weather has lingered a bit longer than expected here in Rhode Island, but we all know the cold weather is coming – and with it will come your monthly heating bill.

Heating repair

Should You Replace a Furnace or Boiler Before It Breaks down Completely?

Think back to last winter (we know, it can be painful…but bear with us): do you remember noticing a drop-off in the performance of your heating system…

Heating system repairs

How Can I Tell If I Need Heating System Repairs?

We see it every fall: The first October cold snap hits, and our phone rings off the hook with calls requesting heating repairs, after months of the equipment sitting quietly, unattended in the basement.


When Should I Replace My Thermostat?

If you experience some problems with your central heating system on some of the cooler Rhode Island overnights over these next few weeks, the culprit may not be your furnace or boiler – instead, it could be that small, often-forgotten box on your wall: your thermostat.