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Let Vaughn Oil make heating season a little more boring this year

Make Heating Season A Little More Boring This Year

Don’t look now, but we’ve just passed the halfway point of 2020 – one of the most unpredictable years in American history.

Summer maintenance tips for your heating system

Summer Maintenance Tips For Your Heating System

You’re probably not thinking a lot about your heating system as we enjoy our first week of summer 2020, but with things as upside-down as they are in the world right now, it’s probably best to stay one step ahead of the game about everything, including your home comfort.

Choosing a good heating contractor: 5 questions to ask

Choosing A Good Heating Contractor: Five Questions To Ask

When it comes time to hire a heating contractor in Rhode Island for an installation, routine maintenance, or a repair, you need to know how to separate the reliable options from the here today-gone tomorrow candidates.

Reasons to choose an oil-heated home

8 Reasons To Choose An Oil-Heated Home

Home buying is all about choices, including where to live and how big a home you need. But there’s another factor to consider when shopping for a new home – one that people often overlook: how the home is heated.

What is an anode rod?

What Does The Anode Rod Do In My Water Heater?

Looking at the big aluminum-can tank in your basement, you wouldn’t guess that there’s a whole lot of technology and thinking that goes into the design of an oil-fired water heater – but looks can be deceiving.

Now is the perfect time to replace your heating oil tank

Replacing Your Heating Oil Tank: Now Is The Perfect Time!

If you have a steel heating oil tank sitting in your basement, it probably has a lifespan of somewhere between 15 and 20 years…

Prevent two problems by ordering heating oil now

Ordering Heating Oil Now Will Prevent Two Big Problems

As we prepare to say goodbye to heating season in Rhode Island (for a few months, anyway), it’s important to prepare your heating oil tank for its well-earned summer off…

Three things to know about oil-fired heating systems

Oil-Fired Heating Systems: 3 Things You Should Know

Heating oil is among the most efficient ways to heat your Rhode Island home or business – and as a stable, non-explosive fuel, it’s also one of the safest.

7 ways to improve indoor air quality

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality: 7 Ways

Indoor air quality has long been a topic of interest for people with respiratory issues – but with coronavirus now a part of our everyday life, it’s become a top of mind issue for all of us.

Simplify with these three services from Vaughn Oil

Simplify Your Fuel Payment: Three Choices From Vaughn Oil

Life has gotten complicated lately, and with all we have on the go it’s easy to forget the little things – like paying your fuel bill, for example, or scheduling a heating oil delivery in RI.