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Thermostat Settings: 5 Rules Of Thumb For The Summer

As we gear up for warmer weather in Rhode Island, many people think it’s time to forget about their thermostat. The truth is, your thermostat always needs your attention—especially if you want your home comfort system to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Follow the five tips in this article for an ideal thermostat […]

Time For Your Spring Heating Tune-Up!

Now that the weather is finally warming up, it’s time to think about…your heating system! Yes, you read that correctly. Surprising as it may sound, now is actually the ideal time to schedule your annual tune-up for your boiler or furnace. Many people wait until fall or early winter to get their system tuned-up, but […]

Flood Damage And Your Home Heating System

When your home floods, the list of loss and inconvenience is endless. It starts with realizing everything that needs to happen so you can deal with: cleanup personal and sentimental items lost or damaged mold damage potential issues with your home’s structure Unfortunately, none of this even tells you the level of flood damage your […]

How To Keep Your Home Heating Oil From Freezing

Here in Rhode Island, heating oil is among the best ways to heat your home. Safe, efficient and effective, it also lasts in storage, making it possible to order when the price is right or when it works for you. One issue that can come up, however, is that home heating oil can freeze when […]

Common Late-Season Heater Troubles

In just a few weeks, spring will arrive. Still, no matter what the calendar says, the Rhode Island weather is going to feel like winter for a while longer, and during those weeks, your heater will be working hard. If you haven’t set up your annual tune-up yet, it’s not too late. We recommend that […]

How To Understand Your Oil Tank Gauge

If you’re a heating oil customer, our first recommendation is that you arrange for automatic delivery from Vaughn Oil. This way, you never have to worry about your tank level, as we stay on top of your fuel levels and make deliveries with plenty of time to spare. This is especially important at extremely cold […]

The Importance Keeping Air Filters Clean

All winter long, your heating oil furnace keeps your family warm and comfortable. Much of the credit for this should go to your air filter, which keeps particles, including dust, hair and other allergens, out of the air that heats your Ocean State home. For your part, it’s important to keep your furnace’s air filter […]

Programmable Thermostats: 10 Mistakes To Avoid

When the temperature drops and you need to warm up, it’s easy to forget about cost and even easier to forget about energy efficiency. These cold-weather missteps with your heating oil-fueled system can lead to a steep hike on your bill. Ignoring timing. Be sure to take adjustment time into account, by programming your thermostat […]

Your Annual Furnace Inspection: Stay On Track

Whether your system is brand new or has a few years under its belt, routine service is an important part of maintaining your home heating system, and this is something you should take care of on an annual basis. When our technicians come to do your tune-up, they can identify potential issues that could become […]

Stay Safe This Winter With Clear Vent Pipes

There’s still quite a way to go with winter, so we’re here to share some tips about keeping your vent pipes clear and why doing so is so important. Airflow plays a critical role in keeping your heating system running at maximum efficiency. This is true whether you have a new, high-efficiency furnace or your […]