On & Off Road Diesel

Ready to serve Rhode Island’s on- and off-road diesel needs

With a commercial diesel fleet of our own, Vaughn Oil understands how important it is to your business to have reliable wholesale and bulk diesel delivery. Keeping your fleet fueled up and ready for action is our priority—that’s why you can count on us for speedy service at a fair price, no matter where you are located in the state of Rhode Island.

We serve Central and Northern Rhode Island—including Smithfield, Johnston, Gloucester, North Providence and beyond, so we will gladly service your location. Whatever your needs, and whatever the weather might throw at us, we will always be there for you, keeping your delivery trucks, school buses, construction vehicles and farm equipment going strong. We also supply gas stations and corporate fleets with the most competitive prices you will find anywhere, offering volume discounts and other great incentives to help you stay profitable while you’re on the road.

On-Road Diesel Fuel Delivery

If your service vehicle fleet runs on diesel, Vaughn Oil is the answer. We offer on-site fueling and bulk diesel delivery at wholesale pricing, helping you save money.

We service:

Our diesel is treated with 9000HE fuel additive to improve performance and lengthen the life of your fleet’s diesel engines. 9000HE also helps to save you money on fuel as your vehicles will be less prone to corrosion and will run more efficiently.

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Off-Road Diesel Fuel Delivery

If your construction company, manufacturing plant or farm operates equipment that runs on diesel and if you usually fuel up at your local gas station, you are probably paying too much. Vaughn Oil offers low-sulfur dyed diesel for off-road equipment and vehicles and you may even qualify for a state excise tax refund.

Both on-road diesel and off-road diesel are a distillate, crafted from refined crude oil at petroleum
plants. In the United States, diesel fuels are known as ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and contain
15 parts-per-million or less if sulfur.

In 2021, the United States produced 1.63 billion barrels (68.35 billion gallons) of ultra-low sulfur
diesel fuel.

In addition to lowering the content of sulfur in diesel fuels, there is another advance in making
on-road diesel and off-road diesel more environmentally friendly. Biodiesels are being blended into
diesel fuels to reduce emissions while also reducing wear on engines. These natural biodiesels come from plant oils, animal fats, and other biomass.

On-road diesel and off-road diesel hold the same chemical composition. The only difference is their

On-road diesel is used for vehicles that operate on public roadways, such as cars, trucks, buses, and
shuttles. Off-road diesel is used for vehicles and equipment that do not use public roads.

Off-road diesel vehicles and equipment are not being used in transportation. Thus, off-road diesel is
not subject to the federal excise tax as on-road diesel is. Off-road diesel is made recognizably
different from on-road diesel by coloring it the same red as your home’s heating oil. This helps
ensure that it is not dispensed for on-road use. Penalties for this include steep fines for each
offense. Here in Rhode Island, the penalty is $10 for each gallon or $1,000 per violation.

A wide range of industries use off-road diesel, such as construction, paving, and agriculture.
Equipment powered by off-road diesel includes:

  • tractors
  • commercial mowers
  • irrigation equipment
  • bulldozers
  • backhoes
  • compactors
  • excavators
  • graders
  • cranes
  • wheel loaders
  • trenchers
  • lifts

Another use for off-road diesel is for large, commercial standby generators that automatically kick
on during a power outage. These types of generators are especially popular in hospitals, health care
facilities, nursing homes, and rehab centers.

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