Boiler Installation

Boiler installation service for Rhode Island

Why are boilers such a great choice for heating your home in Rhode Island? Think about winters here.

Temperatures often don’t get above freezing, and then throw in the Nor’easters. You want something that will be reliable so you have heat no matter what wicked winter weather comes your way.

Why boilers work for your Rhode Island home

Here’s how boilers work:

Boilers transfer hot water or steam to heat your home. The heated water or steam is sent from the boiler through pipes that are routed through radiators, baseboard heaters or other sealed pathways.

There’s another benefit boilers offer. Because the heat it gives out to your home is from heated water, the heating in your home is moister than what you get when you have a forced-air heating system.

Having less-dry air offers several advantages. The first advantage is comfort. With a boiler, you don’t have to deal with as much static electricity with your winter clothes. It also won’t dry out your skin like forced-air heat can.

It’s also much better for your home. When the air from your forced-air heating system is too dry, over time it can damage wood flooring, cabinetry, woodwork and trim, furniture, artwork and electronics.

The heat you get from a boiler is also more even and comfortable, instead of coming in intermittent blasts of hot air.

Upgrade to a new boiler

How old is the current boiler in your Rhode Island home? Older boilers can lose a lot of efficiency, sometimes getting below 60% efficiency. That means 40% of every dollar you spend on heating is not going towards keeping your home warm.

Today’s boilers offer greater energy efficiency, which can save you a lot of money on heating bills. The high-efficiency boilers on the market now offer efficiencies of around 95% or higher!

Technological improvements give boilers energy-saving controls to help lower your energy usage in milder weather. You’ll also get more even heating with fewer temperature swings.

Your home may have different, or more, heating needs since your old boiler was installed. Changes like building an addition, finishing the attic for more living space or enclosing a sunporch for year-round living mean you need a heating system that can work for that added square footage.

This is where the professionals at Vaughn Oil come in. We have the experience to help you choose the most efficient and reliable boiler for your home that works with your budget as well.

We offer boilers from leading manufacturers such as Buderus, Weil-McLain and Slant/Fin.

Boiler installation and service

Vaughn Oil is your one-stop shop when it comes to boilers. Our trained and experienced service technicians will install your boiler properly and safely, and they’ll clean up the installation site before they leave.

We also guarantee our boiler installations for one year.

A boiler is a big investment in your home, and we will help you protect it with regular maintenance. Our service plans help with that, and help you save money on repairs.

And don’t forget that Vaughn Oil offers dependable and safe delivery of heating oil for your new boiler!

Contact Vaughn Oil to find out what we can do when it comes to boiler installation service in Rhode Island!