Tank Secure Protection Plan

Protect your heating oil tank and your home

Replacing your home’s heating oil tank can be more expensive than you may think.

Just replacing it involves the removal and disposal of your old tank according to local regulations, as well as the purchase and installation of your new tank.

Heating oil tank corrosion is something you usually don’t discover until it is too late, as tanks usually corrode from the inside out. And if your heating oil tank has failed and there is a leak, the cost increases because of the required cleanup of the leaked oil.

If you want to avoid all of that, Vaughn Oil has the solution for you: our Tank Secure program!

For pennies a day, Tank Secure helps protect your heating oil tank from destructive corrosion AND gives you a generous warranty toward replacing your tank. This warranty protection covers tank sizes up to 275 gallons.

With Tank Secure, you get tank replacement coverage up to $1,000.

No matter how old your heating oil tank is, you can enroll in Tank Secure. But if your heating oil tank is 25 years old or older, or if you don’t know its exact age, DON’T WAIT! Once your tank starts to leak, it is ineligible for Tank Secure coverage.

Contact us to learn more about Tank Secure and enroll!