Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Delivery

You can use ultra-low sulfur diesel in your kerosene heater!

There is an exciting change here at Vaughn Oil.

We are changing from delivering kerosene to exclusively delivering ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel. Ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel performs like kerosene for home heating and space heating. It not only offers outstanding effectiveness, but it also costs less than kerosene. You’ll be just as comfortable but spend less money for that comfort!

Ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel works in virtually all home heating and space heating equipment that uses kerosene. You won’t have to replace your equipment or alter it to enjoy the benefits of ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel.

diesel delivery in rhode islandHowever, if you use Monitor brand space heaters, they can only use kerosene for fuel. Thus, you will need to find a new supplier for your kerosene. If you use Monitor equipment and are a Vaughn Oil Automatic Delivery customer for your kerosene, please let us know so we can terminate service and avoid unnecessary deliveries.

Our reliable, friendly delivery services aren’t changing. You can still use Will-Call to schedule your ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel delivery. We will also still offer our easy, convenient, and worry-free Automatic Delivery for your ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel. We’ll use your prior fuel usage to accurately predict when you’ll need more ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel and schedule a delivery before you run low.

We also offer convenient services like an online Vaughn Oil account where you can review your statement, pay your bill, order fuel, and more. You can choose paperless billing to get your statement delivered to your email. Our Auto Pay option automatically deducts your payment from your credit card or checking account, so you know that your payment is always on time.

If you have questions about the change to ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel and how it may affect you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to answer any question you have about it or your delivery service.

What is ultra-low sulfur diesel?

Ultra-low sulfur diesel is a diesel fuel that contains a maximum of 15 parts per million (ppm) of sulfur. In the past, diesel fuels had sulfur contents as high as 3,000 ppm, so you can see this is quite a dramatic reduction.

Ultra-low sulfur diesel is also better for the environment by reducing emissions that can contribute to climate change.

We deliver ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel. This diesel is dyed red to designate it as not being used for transportation, so it is not subject to an excise tax.

Discover the benefits of ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel as a replacement for kerosene at your North or Central Rhode Island home or business. Contact Vaughn Oil to learn more!