Heating Oil Pricing Programs

Save money with predictable heating oil and heating system service plan pricing

We have all seen how unpredictable heating oil prices can be. The fluctuations can sometimes be wild, creating a great deal of worry among customers. To quell these worries and help you sleep better—and more comfortably—at night, Vaughn Oil offers convenient heating oil pricing plans.

Designed to make your home heating expenses more predictable and manageable, all of our plans will save you money while delivering on our promise of quality, integrity and the best possible value for your heating dollar.

For detailed plan pricing and to sign up for any of our plans, contact us today. Discounts may be available to you if you are paying cash or if you are a senior, or for various other circumstances. Please call to speak to one of our associates for more details.

Fuel Prebuy with Price Cap

Pre-purchase your fuel for the season at a capped price. This plan protects you from normal fuel price fluctuations.

Monthly Smart Pay Payment Plan

The monthly plan spreads your annual payment out evenly over 11 months, make heating your home less stressful with predictable bills throughout the year.

Monthly Smart Pay Plus Payment Plan with Price Cap

This plan delivers protection against market volatility and gives you the predictability of consistent pricing, year-round.

Auto Pay Plan

Set up automatic payments so that your account is always up to date. If you don’t like to write checks and want to avoid the worry of late payments, this is the plan for you.


Go paperless and save a tree or two with e-billing. Your statements will be delivered to your preferred email address every month. E-billing can be activated with any of our services and plans.

Call our office or contact us to find out more about our billing plans or sign up today.