Furnace Installation

Furnace installation services for Rhode Island

Choosing the right furnace for your Rhode Island home is a big decision. It’s one that you’re going to live with for years, and that will play a big role in the comfort and safety of your home and family.

That’s why Vaughn Oil is the furnace installation service you can trust. We have been helping Rhode Islanders keep their homes comfortable since 1972.

How an oil furnace keeps your home warm

It starts at the thermostat, which senses when the temperature inside your home is below the set temperature. It signals the oil furnace that it needs to turn on and provide enough heat to get your home warmed to that temperature.

First, heating oil flows from the heating oil tank to the oil burner. It is mixed with air inside a pump to create a mist that goes into the burner’s combustion chamber. That’s where it is ignited and air is heated. That heated air is sent by a blower through your home’s ductwork to warm each room.

Meanwhile, the emissions from combustion are sent out of your home through a flue.

Air comes back to your furnace through a return duct, where it will eventually be heated and sent back out.

Vaughn Oil can help you upgrade to a new furnace

Once your furnace reaches 15 years old, you’re living on borrowed time. Your furnace will become less and less efficient, possibly dipping as low as around 60% efficiency. Repairs may be needed more often and they’ll be more expensive.

While choosing a new furnace may seem like a daunting task, the professionals at Vaughn Oil make it much easier for you.

We understand that your home’s heating needs may be different than when your current furnace was installed. The layout of your home may have changed. And you may have updated your home over the years, converting previously unfinished spaces like attics and sunporches into finished living spaces or building on an addition.

That’s why our technicians first assess your home and your heating needs. Once that’s done, we’ll help you choose the furnace that not only meets these needs but also works within your budget.

You’ll reap immediate rewards with a new furnace from Vaughn Oil. The high-efficiency furnaces made today have efficiencies that reach 98.5%. Virtually all of every dollar you spend on heating oil will go to providing heat.

With Vaughn Oil, you get top-notch service through the whole process. We deliver your new furnace, and our service technicians are the best you can get in Rhode Island: trained, experienced, knowledgeable and certified. You can trust them to safely and correctly install your furnace so it will run as it should from the start.

We also help you keep your furnace running at its maximum efficiency with regular maintenance. Our service plans help you get priority service and lower repair costs.

When you need heating oil, Vaughn Oil offers not only guaranteed fair pricing, but quality oil with dependable delivery.

Count on Vaughn Oil for furnace installation service in Rhode Island. Get in touch with us today!