What Is “Gelling”?

Posted: January 13, 2020

Heating oil gelling

If you live in a cold climate like ours here in Rhode Island and have an outdoor heating oil tank, using common heating oil can cause a number of problems for your system.

That’s because when heating oil drops to a certain temperature, it begins to freeze – but unlike water, which freezes into a solid, heating oil simply thickens into a kind of sludge. This thickening is commonly called gelling or waxing.

Gelling can affect several your heating system in multiple ways – here are just some of the components in your system that can be compromised by thicker heating oil:

Cold weather solution: Fuel additives from Vaughn Oil

If you have an outdoor heating oil tank – or if conditions subject your indoor heating oil tank to freezing temperatures – we highly recommend including a fuel additive to mix with your winter heating oil deliveries. A $15 bottle of anti-gelling additive will treat a full 275-gallon tank, offering an economical, efficient, and safe solution to fuel thickening.

Kerosene is also available as both a heating oil additive and as a standalone fuel for your mobile home or other outdoor heating application.

Need a gel-resistant additive for your outdoor oil tank or kerosene for your mobile home? Vaughn Oil delivers. Contact us today to learn more!