6 Water Heater Safety Suggestions For Your Home

Posted: May 3, 2021

water heater safety rhode islandAccording to the National Fire Protection Association, water heaters account for about one out of every 10 fires started by home heating systems. Protect your home and family with these helpful tips for practicing water heater safety.

Safety Tips For Your Water Heater

  1. Keep up with annual service. Make sure you get your system tuned up every year. This will keep your system at its maximum efficiency, and it will allow our expert technicians to find small problems before they become larger, more expensive—and potentially dangerous—issues.
  2. Avoid a flashback fire. Keep any flammable items, like painting supplies, oily rags or cleaning items, away from your water heater. Anything that could ignite is fair game, so always be on the lookout.
  3. Know how to shut your water heater down. Check your owner’s manual or look online so you are prepared if you ever need to shut the system down at a moment’s notice. Contact us if you need assistance.
  4. Keep the area clear. Prevent a dangerous situation and allow proper airflow by keeping the area surrounding your water heater clear of debris that can disrupt ventilation.
  5. Stay in touch with us! If your water heater is acting up, please let us know. Water heaters are not the way to practice troubleshooting—they require professional care and maintenance. A D-I-Y video on YouTube is a great way to learn some home maintenance skills, but please leave the care and maintenance of your water heater to our team.
  6. If you need an upgrade, keep an open mind. The latest makes and models of water heaters are energy-efficient and safer than systems of years—and decades—past. And when you have a new water heater, you’ll see a drop in your bills due to the increased efficiency. In fact, with a new system, you’ll see lowered fuel bills right away!

Turn to Vaughn Oil to schedule your tune-up or inspection or with any questions you may have about your water heater or other home comfort equipment!