Want to Save on Heating Oil and Heating Repairs Next Heating Season? Insulate Your Attic

Posted: April 15, 2019

Attic insulation

Many people ask why it’s important to insulate an attic that isn’t used, or is only used for storage.

Well, for two key reasons: First, because as much as 20 percent of the heated (or cooled) air in your home escapes through the attic. That’s a big deal when about half of your energy bill is spent heating your home.

A second reason? A properly insulated attic will protect your home heating system by minimizing wear and tear on your equipment – simply put, with inadequate insulation, your heating equipment has to overwork to do the same job. That overwork will eventually lead to potentially costly heating repairs.

The problem is that insulation is out of sight and mind (when was the last time you thought about it?), so it’s easy to forget about it…except when the bill comes.

Assessing your insulation situation

How do you know if your attic is properly insulated? Here are some guidelines.

Beyond the attic

Of course, your attic isn’t the only place in your home that needs to be properly insulated. Any areas in which conditioned and unconditioned air come into contact needs treatment; these include:

For good advice for where and how much to insulate your Rhode Island home, check out this guide from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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