Is It Time For A New Furnace?

Posted: September 28, 2020

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Winter will be here before we know it, and oil furnaces need to be ready. (In fact, they really need to be ready by mid-fall!) With that in mind, you need to know whether your furnace is ready to go. Proper maintenance is necessary for a furnace to heat a home reliably and efficiently. Maintenance also plays a huge part in helping homeowners like you avoid unnecessary breakdowns, which always happen at the worst possible time. Still, at a certain point, every furnace simply needs to be upgraded. Here are a few ways to decide if your furnace needs to be replaced sooner than later.

5 Reasons You Might Need A New Furnace

  1. Age: If your furnace is more than 10 years old, you’ll want to start thinking about upgrading. Yes, some furnaces can last longer, but the 10-year point is a critical time to evaluate. And this is especially the case if the furnace has not been tuned-up regularly. Ongoing maintenance on oil furnaces keeps them lasting longer and helps prevent breakdowns.
  2. Efficiency: Over the years, your furnace will lose its ability to operate super efficiently. As it gets to the time when it needs to be replaced, it could end up operating at just 60% of its original potential. What that means for you is that for every dollar you spend you’re only getting 60 cents worth of heat. If you upgrade, you can expect a performance that delivers up to 98% efficiency!
  3. Noises: Screech! Pop! Hummmmm! If you hear unexpected sounds coming from your furnace, let us know. It just might be time for a replacement.
  4. Repair costs: If you have not been getting regular tune-ups, or if your furnace is getting older, consider an upgrade. You want to make sure you’re not spending money on repairs that simply won’t help. Ultimately, if you’ve spent 50% of the cost of a new system toward repairs, you’d be better off just getting a replacement. An upgrade will improve your comfort, your home’s value and your bottom line.
  5. Your upcoming plans: Are you planning to sell soon? If so, upgrading your furnace makes sense for all the obvious reasons. It will increase the value of your home and it will make the inspection smooth sailing for you as the seller, and for your new buyers. And in the meantime, you’ll get to enjoy a system that won’t need much in the way of repairs in the coming years.

We’d love to tell you all about the heating systems we service and sell here in Rhode Island. If you’re a qualified buyer you can also enjoy equipment rebates and financing options from Vaughn Oil. Contact us today!