Time For Your Spring Heating Tune-Up!

Posted: April 7, 2021

heating repair rhode islandNow that the weather is finally warming up, it’s time to think about…your heating system! Yes, you read that correctly. Surprising as it may sound, now is actually the ideal time to schedule your annual tune-up for your boiler or furnace.

Many people wait until fall or early winter to get their system tuned-up, but at that point, if there’s a major—or even minor—issue, it could be too late to address without running the risk of finding yourself in a no-heat situation. And that’s something we never want to see. When you schedule your tune-up for spring, you’re leaving yourself and our technicians with plenty of time to address any necessary repairs.

Enjoy The Flexibility Of Choosing Your Appointment Time.

In the winter, our schedule is very tight. We have to prioritize no-heat calls, which means our availability for regular maintenance is pretty limited. During the warmer months, our schedule for maintenance calls offers more flexibility, making it possible for us to come at a time that works for you.

Leave Yourself The Time You’ll Need If An Upgrade Is In Order.

It’s inevitable: Sometimes a tune-up reveals that it’s time for an upgrade. Cold-weather tune-ups can put you—and us—into a tough spot because we don’t want you to have ANY time in your Rhode Island home without heat. If we come for your tune-up in the spring or summer and it turns out that you need an upgrade, you’ll have plenty of time to make a sound decision for your purchase, research rebates and financing and have our team of qualified technicians install it.

Sign Up For A Service Plan.

Customers who are enrolled in a Vaughn Oil service plan can count on their annual tune-up free of charge, since it’s included as part of your service plan. Other benefits include priority service, loyalty credit, a discount—or no charge—on covered repairs, and more.

Contact Vaughn Oil today to make your tune-up appointment or to enroll in one of our service plans!