Scheduling Your Annual Service Calls? Don’t Forget Your Water Heater!

Posted: May 13, 2019

Relaxing in bathtub

Your water heater is one of the most important contributors to your home comfort, providing the hot water you need to clean your clothes, your dishes, and…well, you.

The most common type of water heater is a conventional or storage-type water heater, which temporarily holds hot water in a tank until it’s needed for use. Powered by electricity, propane, or heating oil, these stalwarts do their job efficiently with a minimum of problems – until one day you are shocked into reality by a cold shower or an unexpected puddle in your basement.

The best way to avoid problems with your conventional water heater (or any type of water heater, for that matter) is to have it serviced by a pro at least once a year – and spring is about the best time of year to do it.

Why spring, you ask?

Well, mostly because your water heater is coming off a stretch that probably included lots of overwork – a little well-timed TLC goes a long way when it comes after a long, hard push through a Rhode Island winter. Spring is also a good time to get all your maintenance tasks out of the way, including your preventative heating system service.

What happens during a water heater maintenance visit?

During an annual service visit for your water heater, our technicians will look for obvious problems (such as leaks), along with small problems that could cause serious issues down the road.

For example, a hard water problem could eventually lead to sediment buildup in the bottom of your storage tank; flushing the tank out and removing the sediment is a standard part of any maintenance session. Checking the anode rod, which protects your storage tank from rotting prematurely, is another standard component of a water heater service visit.

Keep the hot water coming and your energy bills as low as possible with water heater maintenance and from the pros at Vaughn Oil. Contact us to schedule your water heater maintenance visit today!