Programmable Thermostats: 10 Mistakes To Avoid

Posted: February 1, 2021

using a thermostat rhode islandWhen the temperature drops and you need to warm up, it’s easy to forget about cost and even easier to forget about energy efficiency. These cold-weather missteps with your heating oil-fueled system can lead to a steep hike on your bill.

  1. Ignoring timing. Be sure to take adjustment time into account, by programming your thermostat to shut down your heating (or air conditioning) system about a half-hour before you go out. While you’re at it, set it to start coming back on before you’re back.
  2. Not doing research. Don’t miss the boat on knowing how your system works. Check out your owner’s manual to get an idea of how long to give your system to reach your desired temperatures.
  3. Overworking your system. When you’re in the house, keep your system from overworking by setting your heat to the lowest temperature that’s within your comfort zone. Similarly, do this in the summer, by setting your thermostat for the warmest temperature within your comfort zone.
  4. Forgetting the variables. Did you know that manual thermostats sometimes vary by up to 5° F? This can make a big difference in your Rhode Island home, and a programmable thermostat will solve this problem by producing the exact temperature you want.
  5. Not zoning. When you zone your system, you save energy and money by only heating and cooling the rooms in your home that you’re using. If you skip this step, you’re missing out on a money-saving opportunity.
  6. Forgetting to account for humidity. Does your heating oil system have capabilities for humidification or dehumidification? If so, take advantage of it establishing your preferred humidity levels each season, with the help of your programmable thermostat.
  7. Leaving your settings accessible to others. Your programmable thermostat should be programmable to…you! Lock the settings so no one can tamper with them.
  8. Ignoring the benefits of being “smart.” Don’t miss out on the benefits of a “smart” programmable thermostat. If your unit includes “smart” features, set it so that you receive notifications about when you’re due for a tune-up, when you need to change your air filter, and whether you need to be on the lookout for potential a system issue.
  9. Not setting up your app. If you have a smart programmable thermostat, you’re missing a real opportunity to control your home comfort system from your phone or tablet, if you don’t set up the app!
  10. Ignoring routines. Think about your days—your weeks—and even your seasons! It’s important to take your life into consideration when you establish your thermostat’s settings. If you don’t you’re forfeiting some real opportunities for comfort. You can eber multiple settings, including work days, days off, vacation weeks and more.

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