How To Prevent Water Heater Trouble

Posted: December 6, 2021

Here are six things to check on

water heater service rhode islandNo one likes to experience any challenges or issues with the appliances, systems and electronics that are in a home. That goes for a home’s water heater as well.

But just like most home appliances, systems and electronics, a water heater can experience certain problems and issues and they can get damaged.

Water Heater Checklist

However, there are certain things that you can do that will help you avoid running into major trouble when it comes to your water heater.

  1. Most water heaters are automatically set to 140°, which is way higher of a temperature than what you actually need. A temperature this high also puts you and your family at a higher risk of getting scalded and burned. This is why we recommend turning the temperature down to 120°. This is a safer way to go and won’t cost you as much financially.
  2. Check to make sure the water pressure isn’t too high. When a water heater’s pressure is too high there is an increased chance of a leak.
  3. Take a look at your tank’s anode rod. This is a rod that is at the top of your water heater and it helps prevent corrosion. However, they only last for about five years and, as the years pass, they can rust, which is not good for your water heater.
  4. If your water heater is on the older side, you should think about replacing it with a new version. New models work better than older ones and they are safer.
  5. Too much sediment is not healthy for your water heater so it’s important to pay attention to any sediment buildup. If your heating bills are suddenly increasing or if you notice a big change in your water’s temperature, your water heater may have too much sediment buildup. To be sure, flush your tank or contact Vaughn Oil so that we can do so.
  6. While your water heater should be working, it should not be running all day every day. A constantly running water heater is at risk for damage. If your system is running more than you think it should, cover the water heater’s pipes with insulated blankets to secure the heat.

Vaughn Oil is here to help with all of your water heater needs as well installation and service on your home heating systems. Contact us today so that our technicians can tell you more.