Important Heating Oil Tank Summer Maintenance Facts

Posted: July 4, 2022

Prevent Oil Tank Troubles With Proper Care

summer oil tank rhode islandNow that summer has officially arrived here in Rhode Island, you’re probably not thinking very much about your heating oil tank or your home heating equipment – and that can cost you, if you’re not careful.

Why A Full Tank Matters

In warm weather, condensation – water droplets – can easily form inside a heating oil storage tank that contains more air than fuel. That condensation will eventually drip down – and because water is denser than heating oil, it will settle to the bottom of your steel heating oil tank and start to wear away the tank walls. This is not good when you consider the extremely high costs and inconvenience of remediating a heating oil spill!

To make matters worse, the presence of more water inside your heating oil tank creates the ideal conditions for excess aerobic and anaerobic bacteria growth (all heating oil contains some amount of bacteria, but it can get out of hand in a humid tank environment). When left untreated, these microbes will use your heating oil as a food source, leaving behind a thick sludge that can get into your fuel line and clog it, eventually causing a heating system breakdown.


The good news is that you can avoid most of these problems simply by keeping heating oil in your fuel storage tank this summer.

If you’re not enrolled in our automatic heating oil delivery service, contact us today to schedule a heating oil delivery so we can help you head off any condensation problems with your fuel tank.

If you’re already on automatic heating oil delivery from Vaughn Oil, don’t worry – we’ll make sure your tank has a proper level of fuel inside during the off-season.

Schedule a heating oil delivery to your RI home today to avoid heating oil tank problems tomorrow – or better yet, enroll in automatic delivery from Vaughn Oil and let us worry about your heating oil deliveries! Contact us today to learn more.