What Is an Oil Tank Protection Plan?

Posted: June 26, 2023

Vaughn Oil helps you protect your home and money

oil tank insurance Providence County, ri Heating oil tanks are not meant to last forever, even though they are durable. In case of a tank failure, you may incur substantial costs in replacement and cleanup expenses amounting to thousands of dollars.

Vaughn Oil is here to help! Not only to we install and service top-quality heating oil tanks, but we offer our Tank Secure heating oil tank protection plan. With Tank Secure, you receive multiple protections. Firstly, an annual inspection is conducted to detect any faults that may cause tank failure. The inspection also involves administering a treatment that reduces corrosion, increasing the lifespan of your heating oil tank. In addition, you receive a warranty for tank replacement worth $1,000.

You can get a Tank Secure heating oil tank protection plan no matter how old your tank is. However, if your tank is more than 25 years old or if you aren’t sure of its age, now is not the time to dawdle. Once your tank shows signs of leaking, even just pinhole leaks, it is no longer eligible for coverage.

Are there signs of heating oil tank failure?

To prevent heating oil tank failure, it’s essential to perform periodic inspections and keep an eye out for signs of corrosion. Some visible indicators of corrosion include:

If you notice any of these things, please contact us immediately and we will come and inspect your tank.

Condensation is bad for your heating oil tank

Condensation forms on the bare interior walls of the heating oil tank when it isn’t full, especially in warmer weather.

What are the negative effects of condensation? Bacteria growth can occur in your heating oil when there is condensation, leading to the development of sludge.

When sludge accumulates, it can block your fuel lines and make your heating system inefficient. In extreme cases, the furnace can stop working due to the complete blockage of the fuel lines. This can leave you without heat and with big additional expenses for repairs.

Condensation can cause issues when it accumulates and drops from the interior tank wall due to gravity. Being heavier than heating oil, water sinks to the tank’s bottom and creates the perfect environment for sediment formation. This sediment can eventually lead to corrosion on the inside of the heating oil tank and cause the tank to fail.

If your heating oil tank corrodes and fails, you will need to replace it. Additionally, you must hire a professional to safely remove the failed tank, clean up any spilled oil, and, if your tank is outdoors, perform soil remediation, all according to regulatory standards. This process can be expensive.

If you keep your heating oil tank full when winter ends, it can prevent condensation from forming and help extend the life of your tank.

Another benefit is that you can avoid the inconvenience and cost of ordering an emergency delivery of heating oil when winter returns. In case of an early cold spell, which is common in New England, you’ll have sufficient oil to keep your home heated without any concerns.

Give yourself peace of mind with a Tank Secure heating oil tank protection plan from Vaughn Oil! Contact us today to learn more and enroll.