Why You Should Get an Oil Delivery Before Summer

Posted: April 4, 2022

Protect your tank & be ready for next heating season!

spring oil delivery rhode islandWith warmer weather arriving here in Rhode Island, you’re understandably eager to put winter in the rear-view mirror.

There’s one thing you need to do before you swap your sweaters for sandals: Contact Vaughn Oil and get your heating oil tank filled!

You may believe you don’t have to fill your heating oil tank until fall, when heating season arrives. What you may not know is that keeping your heating oil tank full over the spring and summer will help protect it from damage.

Condensation is the problem

When your heating oil tank has empty space, water condenses on the bare walls. Because water is heavier than heating oil, it eventually drips off the wall and sinks to the bottom of the tank. Once there, the condensation begins to make a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to the development of sludge. Sludge is a mix of dirt, rust, and oxidized fuel that has accumulated on the bottom of your heating oil tank.

Sludge builds up in your fuel lines, reducing the efficiency of your heating system. If the lines are completely clogged, your boiler or furnace will not get fuel, and your heating system will break down. You’ll have no heat, and you’ll be stuck with a significant repair bill.

Condensation that drips into your heating oil can also cause the formation of sediment. The corrosion of your heating oil tank from the inside out is caused by this sediment.

If your heating oil tank fails, you must not only replace it but also have a professional safely remove the damaged tank and clean up any spilled oil to regulatory standards.

The benefits of a full heating oil tank

In warm weather, condensation accelerates. Filling your heating oil tank now prevents condensation from forming during the spring and summer months.

Filling your heating oil tank ensures that you’ll have a full supply of heating oil whenever heating season arrives again. You’re fine if there’s a cold snap early! You’ll have enough fuel to get through it.

Keep your heating oil tank and oil-fired heating system secure. To schedule a heating oil delivery, contact us now. And don’t forget to ask about our Tank Secure Protection Plan!