Is Your Furnace Making Odd Sounds?

Posted: July 7, 2021

heating system repair rhode islandIf you’ve had your heating oil furnace in your Rhode Island home for a while, you’ve probably gotten used to the subtle sounds it makes. However, when you hear banging, whistling, whirring or excessive humming, it is probably time to call for a repair. A few possible issues can lead to these noises:

1. A Failing Motor

If a furnace is overworked or tune-ups are not happening on a regular basis, it becomes prone to burnout. Unfamiliar noises could mean that the furnace’s motor is on the brink of shutting down. Be sure to request service right away.

2. A Heating Oil Pump Issue

Your unit should be pretty quiet, and if it’s not, there may be an internal problem with the heating oil pump. Different sounds have different causes, from buzzing to rattling to whining. Our expert technicians are trained to understand what these strange sounds each mean, and they know the best way to address each one in order to fix your problem or recommend an upgrade.

3. Dirt Buildup

When excessive debris or dust gets into the furnace, the moving parts can become damaged—and loud. This is often the result of a dirty air filter, so it’s important to be proactive and replace or clean your air filter regularly (usually quarterly, but sometimes it needs to be done more often). A low, rumbling noise could indicate a dirty gas burner, while a high-pitched squeal could mean the ball bearings are under-lubricated. If replacing your air filter (or cleaning it, if it’s non-disposable) doesn’t solve your problem, contact us for service.

Your Safety Is Our Priority.

Furnaces are complex systems, and it’s important that they receive proper maintenance and care. This will ensure your safety and protect your home. It will also help keep your bill down, as a well-maintained furnace is guaranteed to run more efficiently than one that has not been tuned up.

Ultimately, if you hear an unfamiliar sound or you’re concerned about how your heating oil furnace is running, contact us to request service.

You can trust the Vaughn Oil team to answer your questions about your furnace, equipment sales and installation, heating oil delivery and more. Contact us today!