Maintain Your Commercial Boiler

Posted: January 17, 2022

Let Vaughn Oil Help

commercial boiler service rhode islandMany businesses here in Rhode Island use boilers to power their office heating systems. Boilers are powerful and efficient and are great for keeping large spaces such as offices warm. Unlike some commercial HVAC systems, they do so without blowing dirt and dust around.

There are two types of boilers:

  1. A hydronic or hot water boiler
    This type of boiler burns fuel to heat water. That hot water is then pumped through pipes before it makes its way to your baseboards or radiators
  2. A steam boiler
    A steam boiler works similarly to a hot water boiler, but the water gets converted into steam before it hits any baseboards or radiators.

No matter what kind of boiler your office may have, a boiler, just like any other heating system, needs to be properly taken care of and maintained even if it seems like everything is working exactly as it should be. This ensures that they are safe for your space and working effectively.

Maintaining your commercial boiler

As advised by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, boilers should be inspected by a licensed boiler contractor one to two times a year. This regular maintenance will reflect if a system is working as efficiently as it should and it will help catch any small problems before they become larger, costly issues. Additionally, a licensed professional will inspect a boiler’s condition during a tune-up, which, in turn lets you know that the equipment is still properly able to keep your office warm.

Vaughn Oil and your boiler

Vaughn Oil’s qualified commercial heating system professionals are available and here to keep your boiler up and running. If you are overdue for a tune-up or maintenance, contact us to schedule an appointment. In addition to servicing, our expert service technicians can also install boilers. We even guarantee our customers a year on any boilers that we do install!

Our professional heating technicians can also install other commercial heating systems including water heaters, oil tanks and oil furnaces so that your employees can stay warm and comfortable all year long. We will work efficiently and quickly to get the job done on time without causing any major disruptions to your office.

If you need a commercial heating system installed or repaired for your Rhode Island office, contact us today!