How To Lower Your Heating Oil Bill This Winter

Posted: November 16, 2020

save money on fuel bill rhode islandAs we prepare for temperatures to drop here in Rhode Island, we should also prepare for heating oil bills to go up, right? Maybe not as much as you think! Here are five steps you can take to lower your heating oil bill this winter.

  1. Be sure to schedule your annual tune-up. If you haven’t already taken care of it yet this year, call today to set up a tune-up for your heating oil system. Whether you have a furnace or a boiler, you want to know that your system is operating at its maximum efficiency. With either of our heating oil service plans—the Efficient Comfort Plan or the Secure Comfort Plan—your annual tune-up is included. Taking care of routine maintenance now can save you the stress and expense of much larger repairs later.
  2. Clear the space around radiators, baseboard heaters and vents. Heated air needs to circulate. If furniture, area rugs, toys or other items create obstructions in front of your vents, baseboards or radiators, your heating system will have to work much harder than it should to keep your home warm. Check these areas regularly and keep them clear.
  3. Put your thermostat to good use. Lowering your thermostat when you’re sleeping or out of the house, can lead to big savings. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, lowering the temperature by 7 to 10 degrees during these times can lead to savings of up to 10% when you look at your total heating costs for the year. The best way to manage this is with a smart thermostat, which we highly recommend, and now is the time to get one if you don’t already have one.
  4. Get rid of those drafts! It seems straightforward but sometimes it’s easier said than done: during the coldest months of the year, it’s important to keep the cold air out of your home. It’s actually possible to lose up to 15% of the heated air in a drafty home? A purchase of some caulk and weather stripping to seal off the area around windows and doors can make a huge difference. Sealing any cracks in exterior walls is also recommended.
  5. Consider an upgrade. If it’s been 15 years or more since you purchased your last home heating system, its efficiency has likely dropped—possibly in a drastic way. The latest oil furnaces and boilers available today are 90% efficient, and sometimes the efficiency is even higher than that! This level of efficiency means more comfort for less money. Contact us to learn about the heating systems we service and sell for more information or for a recommendation about what might be the best upgrade for you.

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