The Importance Keeping Air Filters Clean

Posted: February 8, 2021

new air filter rhode islandAll winter long, your heating oil furnace keeps your family warm and comfortable. Much of the credit for this should go to your air filter, which keeps particles, including dust, hair and other allergens, out of the air that heats your Ocean State home. For your part, it’s important to keep your furnace’s air filter clean throughout the season.

Every three months throughout the year, you should replace or clean your air filter. (Whether you replace or clean will depend on whether it is disposable.) During the coldest months of the year, though, you should check this task off your list monthly.

A heating system that’s working too hard will, simply put, stop. A clean air filter makes it much easier for the air to flow through your home, keeping your Rhode Island home at your desired temperature, around the clock.

4 Clean Air Filters Advantages

  1. Increased efficiency: When your air filter is cleaner, your system will run more smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Fewer repairs: Your system is far less likely to shut down or malfunction when your air filter is clean. If it’s dirty, your system will experience unprecedented levels of wear and tear.
  3. More manageable bills: Expect to see your bill drop if you go from having a super dirty air filter to a brand new or fully clean one. When this is the case, your system doesn’t have to run nearly as hard, and your bill shows it!
  4. A comfortable home: If your furnace can properly move the air through your home, you’ll feel warm and cozy. A clean or newly replaced air filter will allow that to happen!

Trust Us

It’s worth the few minutes it takes to change or clean your air filter monthly during the winter. You’ll avoid unnecessary repairs and keep your furnace efficiently! If you need help getting this job done or if you have questions, please let us know! We can help!

If your Rhode Island home heating system requires a repair or you have a question, please contact us right away!