How To Read an Oil Tank Gauge

Posted: September 13, 2022

No More Oil Run-out Worries With Automatic Delivery!

fuel delivery rhode islandIf you’re a Vaughn Oil heating oil customer and have chosen Will-Call for your heating oil delivery, then it’s important that you frequently check your tank’s fuel level. By doing this, you will be able to tell when it is time to order more heating oil.

The gauge is usually located on top of the tank. It’s a clear glass or plastic tube marked with numbers that look like the gas gauge in your car: F, ¾, ½, ¼. A red marker or float indicates how much fuel is left in your tank. If the float is at or near the bottom of the gauge, or not visible at all, your tank is empty or almost empty. Contact us right away to schedule an emergency delivery.
If outdoor temperatures average 32˚ Fahrenheit over a 24-hour period, a 2,500-square-foot house uses about seven gallons of heating oil. If you let your 275-gallon heating oil tank (the size of most residential oil tanks) get down to 25% full, you have enough heating oil for perhaps a week.

It might take a few days for us to get a delivery to your home. Thus, it is essential that you request a delivery before your tank gauge falls below ¼ full.

What happens if I run out of heating oil?

If you use up all your heating oil, your heating system will automatically turn off, and it won’t take long for your house to become cold. The longer this goes on, your pipes could freeze and rupture.

If you run out of heating oil, it might also damage your furnace or boiler. Sludge at the bottom of your tank may be pulled into the filter and clog it, and can also harm the oil line. In addition to the emergency heating oil delivery charge, you may also have to pay for the oil line bleeding and filter replacement.

Automatic Delivery makes having heating oil easy!

We make use of the most up-to-date technology in conjunction with a tried-and-true method of calculation to accurately forecast when you will require more heating oil. Your heating oil usage history, current temperatures, and weather patterns are all taken into account, and our computer algorithms calculate when your tank will be 30% full based on these factors.

This lets us know when you’re running low on heating oil, so we can schedule your heating oil delivery to ensure that you have enough before your supply runs out. Your work is done! No more going down to the basement or going outside in the cold and snow to check your tank gauge. There will be no need to contact us with a delivery request any longer. There will be no more concern if you forgot to check your tank gauge.

Since Automatic Delivery is partially based your previous fuel consumption, therefore it is fundamental that you notify us of anything that will change how much heating oil you use. Examples of this include:

Contact us to become a Vaughn Oil Automatic Delivery customer for easy heating oil delivery!