How Much Heating Oil Will You Use This Winter?

Posted: December 19, 2022

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heating oil use rhode island If you use heating oil in your Rhode Island home, you may be worried about heating oil pricing and heating oil supply.

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How much heating oil do I use in winter?

It all depends on the weather. Here’s an estimate of how much heating you’ll use each day based on average outdoor temperatures.

Average outdoor temperatureEstimated per-gallon usage in 1 day
 15°F 7.8
 20°F 7.0
 25°F 6.2
 30°F 5.3
 35°F 4.5
 40°F 3.7
 45°F 2.8
 50 2.0

Remember, these are estimates. You may use more or less depending on some of the factors we get into next.

What affects heating oil usage?

Several factors go into determining how much heating oil you’ll use and subsequently spend on this winter, such as:

All of these affect how much heating oil you’ll use this winter, so a prediction will be more individualized. So, don’t assume that because your best friend’s house is comparable in size to yours, they’ll have the same heating oil usage. They may have an elderly parent living with them who needs the house warmer, meaning they’ll be using heating oil, or their work schedule may require them to travel frequently, resulting in less need for heat and therefore using less heating oil.

How can I keep my heating oil usage down?

There are ways you can minimize your heating oil usage without making your home uncomfortable. Here are a few.

Take care of your heating system. Regular professional maintenance keeps your home’s furnace or boiler running at its best possible energy efficiency. Each of our affordable service plans includes an annual tune-up.

Invest in a programmable or smart thermostat. Using a smart or programmable thermostat can help cut your heating costs by 10% or more, especially if you set it correctly. Here’s what the U.S. Department of Energy recommends.

Add insulation. Many older homes, unless they have been renovated, are not adequately insulated. The U.S. Department of Energy has a guide to let you know how much insulation your home should have, breaking the country up into zones.

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