How Many Years Does an Oil-Fired Furnace Last?

Posted: June 19, 2019

Oil furnace

An oil furnace is a significant investment or your Rhode Island home, and with care it can last a decade or more.

The key phrase in that sentence, of course, is “with care.”

The question is, what kind of care will stretch that number and make sure your heating oil furnace gets into the “or more” years with something left in the tank?

Try these tips for furnace longevity in your RI home:

  1. Right-size it – The enemy of a long-lived heating appliance is overwork – and one of the best ways to prevent that overwork is with proper heating system matching. To get this part of the installation equation right, it’s best to talk to a heating system pro.
  2. Have your equipment installed and maintained by pros – When it comes to equipment longevity, there is no substitute for professional heating equipment installation and maintenance. With preventive care, your equipment will last longer, deliver better performance, and help you avoid potentially costly heating system repairs.
  3. Check your filter monthly – Check your furnace filter once a month when the system is in regular use (more if you smoke in the house or have furry pets) and replace it when it’s dirty. Chronically pushing air through a clogged air filter will rob your system of years of service – not to mention robbing you of money in the form of higher energy bills.
  4. Seal your ducts – As much as 15 percent of the air you paid to heat can escape your building envelope through leaky ductwork – which means your system has to work harder to keep your home comfortable during the cold months (sensing a theme here?).
  5. Cut temps when you’re not home – An empty house is a great opportunity to give your furnace a much-needed break. Use your programmable thermostat to drop temperatures a bit when you’re not at home – you’ll save wear and tear your equipment (not to mention hundreds of dollars on your heating bills).
  6. Fix problems quickly – Furnace problems tend to get worse over time, causing more wear and tear to your equipment and eventually leading to premature breakdowns. Always deal with heating system problems quickly – and always leave heating equipment repairs to the pros.

Keep your oil-fired furnace running as long as possible with expert heating system service from Vaughn Oil. If your furnace is on its last legs, we can help you there, too, with fast installations of a range of quality oil-fired furnace models. Contact us today to learn more.