Why Tune-up Your Heating System in the Fall?

Posted: October 4, 2021

heating tune-up rhode islandWhile it may not necessarily feel cold or even brisk outside, we all know the inevitable is upon us – winter is coming. And whether you’re a fan of winter or not, one thing we can universally agree upon is the comfort of a nicely heated home. Vaughn Oil is here to help ensure your heating system is ready to fight any and all cold temperatures so that you can be prepared for whatever winter has in store.

Now that it’s officially fall, you’ll want to make sure your heating system is ready for winter. To make sure it’s ready you should:

Checking all these items off your list in the fall means you, as well as our service technicians, will have ample time to make any necessary upgrades or repairs.

You Will Have Schedule Flexibility

Waiting until winter actually arrives may make it very challenging to schedule any maintenance on your home heating system. After the Labor Day holiday, qualified service technicians get extremely busy and their schedules fill up. But if you’re able to get ahead of things and schedule your heating system tune-up in the fall, securing a technician will be much easier and you’ll have way more flexibility when it comes to scheduling any necessary maintenance.

There’s Still Plenty of Time For Any Necessary Upgrades or Repairs

The last thing you want, and the last thing we want for you, is to be without heat come winter. That is why any necessary upgrades or repairs should be made in the fall before we’re hit with frigid temperatures. If we come for a tune-up in the fall and decide that any of your equipment needs to be upgraded or replaced there will be plenty of time to do so before winter arrives.

Contact Vaughn Oil to schedule your heating system tune-up or with any questions you may have about heating your home! And to ensure your year-round comfort, ask us about our Service Plans.