What Does a New Heating System Cost?

Posted: December 5, 2022

Vaughn Oil is here to help!

heating installation rhode island These are the national averages for installing a new heating system.

Furnace: $4,697

Boiler: $5,806

There are multiple things that could make a new boiler or furnace for your home more or less expensive. Vaughn Oil is here to help, with professional heating installation done by our team of trained and skilled service technicians. Also, we can help with financing and rebates that can assist you in saving money on your new heating system. We help take care of your furnace or boiler with expert heating service, with tune-ups, repairs, and our affordable service plans.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the factors that impact the price of a new furnace or boiler.


With such a large number of boilers and furnaces available, many people feel lost trying to decide which one is the best fit for them. What’s more, it’s not enough to just go off of name recognition. You have to take several other factors into account. Here at Vaughn Oil, we will help you determine which furnace or boiler will work optimally in your home while also fitting within your budget.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a widespread and profound impact on supply chains all over the world, including those in the HVAC industry. The pandemic has caused shortages in labor as well as materials like copper and aluminum.

At Vaughn Oil, we understand how important it is for your home to have an efficient, well-functioning furnace or boiler. If your system is starting to show its age, you might be due for an upgrade. To make sure that you have the best possible experience, we only work with manufacturers of top-quality products. We’ll come to your house, take a look at your furnace or boiler, and give you a free estimate for a replacement—with absolutely no commitment required on your part.


Depending on the size and location of your unit, the cost of installation for your new heating system may vary. If you have a large home, for example, you will need a bigger unit, which not only increases the product’s price but also makes installation more complicated. Additionally, where you place your furnace or boiler can add to how easy or difficult it is to install; thus affecting the final cost.

Changing your heating system’s energy source

Even though it might be more expensive to switch your electric furnace for an oil-powered one, you will save money in the long term because of the improved comfort and energy efficiency. You may need to add a heating oil tank to your home as well as running oil lines; there may be other modifications required as well.


If you have more in your home that require heating, such as an addition or a finished basement or attic, since you installed your current furnace or boiler, we will make sure that your new heating system can accommodate them. If these unfinished spaces didn’t originally come with ductwork or baseboard radiators, you will likely need to add them now though, which could increase the cost.

As we have recently learned, it is crucial to have clean, safe air in our homes. If you are replacing your furnace, you might want to think about buying indoor air quality products like an air purifier or humidifier. Although this will be additional money upfront, the better air quality in your house will be worth it.

With Vaughn Oil, you get expert heating system installation and the most reliable heating oil delivery in Rhode Island. Become a customer today!