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Vaughn Oil has been committed to being the heating oil supply and service provider that Smithfield and all of Rhode Island can count on since we first opened our doors in 1972.

Because we’ve been in business for almost 50 years, we’ve learned what our customers care about. They want to know that they can trust us to deliver heating oil into their homes no matter how cold it gets, and that our equipment service will be done correctly the first time.

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heating oil delivery in smithfield

Smithfield: A wonderful place to live

Smithfield was named for John Smith, a miller who was one of the group of six men, headed by Roger Williams, who created the first settlement in Rhode Island in 1636.

Settlement in the community was slow because of its location away from the main settlement of Providence. In the early 18th century, roads were built that made getting to Smithfield easier, and the settlement grew while many inns and taverns flourished. Smithfield was primarily a farming community until the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century when the many waterways in Smithfield made it an ideal location for textile mills.

In the 20th century, Smithfield evolved from being a manufacturing town to a suburb of Providence and, eventually, Boston. It also became a college town, as Bryant University moved its main campus to Smithfield in 1971, with the donation of more than 400 acres of land by Bryant alumnus Earl Silas Tupper, the founder of Tupperware.

Notable natives and residents of Smithfield include:

Vaughn Oil is loved in Smithfield

“I’ve been getting oil from them for about two years, and they’ve handled replacing my old boiler and servicing the new one. Everything has been excellent, and they’ve been so easy to work with.” – Eric L.

“We have been very pleased with Vaughn. Oil. The price of oil is very reasonable, and whenever we have needed service, they are right on it. Even major repairs, replacing hot water heater or furnace, were done well, and updated at a reasonable cost. We trust them to do a good job and they always have, for many years.” – Sue G.

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