Heating Oil Vs. Natural Gas: What Should I Choose?

Posted: November 2, 2020

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If you’re thinking about upgrading your home heating system, you might be wondering whether to stick with heating oil or switch to natural gas. Here’s some key information about both fuels that will help with your decision.

Natural Gas

Many people believe that natural gas is a more environmentally friendly choice than heating oil. The reality is, however, that over a 20-year span, the methane emissions from natural gas are far worse for the environment than heating oil’s carbon dioxide emissions. And with the heating oil industry committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 through the accelerated use of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil (ULSHO), heating oil is getting cleaner every day.

The federal Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that seasonally, the average cost to heat a home with natural gas is less than it is for heating oil. However, furnaces running on natural gas cost much more than heating oil systems—and they produce lower Btu’s, which means it will take much longer for your home to reach your desired temperature if you are using natural gas.

Heating Oil

In addition to oil heating systems themselves having a lower upfront cost than systems for natural gas, heating oil burns about 300 degrees hotter than natural gas. What this means for you is that you can heat your home much more quickly with heating oil. It’s also important to keep in mind that unlike natural gas, heating oil in its liquid form cannot explode—in fact, you could drop a lit match into heating oil and it would be extinguished on the spot.

Concerned about the convenience factor of heating oil? Don’t be! Enroll in automatic heating oil delivery, and we’ll take care of the rest. Here’s how it works: We calculate your heating oil usage and factor in realistic expectations about the weather. From there, we can determine when you’ll be due for a delivery so you have your fuel before you’re even close to running out.

Today’s ULSHO burns about 95% more efficiently than it did 50 years ago. ULSHO does not require any equipment changes, if you’re currently using an up-to-date heating oil system. Furthermore, using cleaner, more efficient fuel like ULSHO will extend your heating oil system’s life span!

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