How Efficient Are Oil Fueled Furnaces?

Posted: December 13, 2021

What you need to know

efficient home heat rhode islandThere are multiple different options when it comes to how you can heat your home. One of those options is to use natural gas. Another is to use heating oil.

Heating oil is the more efficient option. Let’s take a look at why.

Heating oil’s efficiency

We can all appreciate something that works better while not working as hard. In a way, that’s how heating oil works. Heating oil burns about 300 degrees hotter than natural gas, which means that any furnace that is fueled by oil is highly efficient. When you use oil, your home gets hotter faster than it would if you were using natural gas.

Bioheat® fuel takes regular heating fuel to a higher level. It is a combination of biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating oil. It is a highly efficient fuel that will last longer than your standard heating oil and it will add to the longevity of your heating system. Plus, it is a clean burning fuel that is good for the environment.

How is heating oil efficiency determined?

When trying to determine how efficient heating oil is, it’s important to look at the AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), which is used to determine how efficient furnaces, boilers and water heaters are. A higher AFUE rating speaks to the efficiency of a piece of heating equipment. Every heating unit should have an AFUE number, which indicates how much of your equipment’s fuel is actually put toward creating heat. This allows you to see how much energy simply goes to waste.

Vaughn and Heating Oil

If your Rhode Island home is in need of heating oil Vaughn Oil is here for you. Our professionals can service and install oil furnaces and oil burners, boilers and oil tanks. We also deliver Bioheat fuel.

Vaughn also offers heating oil price protection and payment plans, which help our customers deal with the unpredictable and constantly fluctuating prices of fuel and oil.

Our automatic delivery option ensures that you’ll never run too low on your heating oil. We calculate your fuel needs based on past use and put you on an automatic delivery schedule so that keeping track of how much fuel you’re using doesn’t have to be an added item on your to do list. And it doesn’t cost our customers anything!

So no matter the circumstances, Vaughn wants to help you and your families stay warm and comfortable each and every winter season.

Contact us today for more information on our heating oil services in Rhode Island!