Convenient Vaughn Oil Services That Can Save You Money and Stress in the Coming Months

Posted: April 8, 2019

Save money

Now that we’re almost out of the woods for heating season 2018/2019, it’s a good idea to look back at what worked and what didn’t for your heating oil deliveries and bill paying so you can make adjustments in the months ahead.

If you found yourself stressed by unpredictable heating bills, fretting over spotty heating system performance, or burdened by heating oil delivery late notices, we have good news for you: Vaughn Oil offers convenient, stress busting services that can make things easier for you.

Consider these four options for your Vaughn Oil deliveries and bill paying:

  1. Heating oil Pricing Plans – At Vaughn Oil, we offer flexible Heating Oil Pricing Plans that help make bill paying more predictable – and could save you money, too. Offered beginning in early June, our Pricing options* include:
    • Fuel Prebuy with Price Cap – This plan protects you from the ups and downs of heating oil pricing; your fuel price will never go above the cap, but could decrease if market prices drop. All gallons for the season are purchased in advance.
    • Monthly Smart Pay Payment Plan – Smart Pay spreads your annual heating bill over 12 equal monthly payments, which means no unwelcomed heating bill surprises.
    • Monthly Smart Pay Plus Payment Plan with Price Cap – This plan protects you from market volatility while giving you the benefits of our Monthly Smart Pay plan.
  2. Auto Pay Plan – With Auto Pay, your account is always up to date; you’ll never miss another payment, never have to write a check, and you’ll avoid late fees. You could even earn loyalty points when you pay by credit card.
  3. E-Billing – Have your heating bill emailed to you with E-billing. Save a tree, skip the check writing, and avoid paper clutter!
  4. Service PlansGet your heating equipment professionally maintained every year and you will keep it running efficiently and reliably. Our expert technicians will make sure your equipment gets the TLC it needs heading into heating season 2019-2020.

Making heating season easier for you – That’s the Vaughn Oil Way! Contact us today to learn more about convenient Vaughn Oil services that will lighten your mental load without lightening your wallet! And don’t forget: sign-up season for our Prebuy and Smart Pay programs begins in June – be ready to save!