What Questions Should I Ask a Heating Oil Contractor?

Posted: August 16, 2021

title=If you’re looking for a heating contractor to upgrade or service a heating oil system in your Rhode Island home, it pays to do your homework so you can separate the legitimate candidates from the also-rans.

Here are six basic questions you should ask any potential heating contractor before you commit to working with them:

  1. How long have you been in the business? For technicians, there is no substitute for experience – the more of it your contractor has, the better.
  2. Are you licensed? Any legitimate candidate will have a license number you can look up with the National Contractor License Service; give preference to candidates who are certified by North American Technician Excellence (NATE).
  3. Are you insured? You don’t want to assume any of the risk for the work a contractor performs on your home. Ask for proof of insurance for worker’s compensation and liability.
  4. Can you provide testimonials? Feedback and reviews – particularly those collected by third parties like ReviewBuzz – are a good indicator of how satisfied customers have been with your contractor. Look for positive and negative reviews, and look for trends in customer comments.
  5. Can you provide a written estimate? Never work with a contractor unless they will provide a detailed estimate that includes a description of all covered work, including any fees for parts, labor, and possible add-ons or options.
  6. Is your work guaranteed in writing? For how long? A good contractor will always stand by his work. Look for a guarantee that covers all work and equipment for at least one year – especially if your system is installed during the offseason (the guarantees from some contractors will actually expire before you ever use the system!). A good contractor will also do what’s needed to keep your current warrantees in force.

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