What Is Diesel Fuel?

Count on us for reliable commercial diesel services! A wide range of Rhode Island businesses rely on diesel fuels to get their jobs done, including: waste haulers construction companies moving companies courier and delivery companies municipal vehicle fleets snow removal companies school districts transportation vehicle fleets paving companies marine boating companies While they use diesel […]

Latest update about energy prices

Dear customers, On October 5, OPEC announced it was slashing production by two million barrels a day. Within just three days, our suppliers had increased the cost of heating oil by 70 cents per gallon. That’s right, 70 cents per gallon. Ridiculous!! This is not just impacting heating oil. Expect natural gas, electricity, and gasoline […]

What Is Bioheat® Fuel?

Vaughn Oil delivers cleaner burning Bioheat® fuel! For many years, heating oil had a reputation for being “dirty.” Not anymore, thanks to the introduction of Bioheat® fuel! You can get heating oil delivery of Bioheat® fuel to your Rhode Island home or business with Vaughn Oil, which delivers only Bioheat® fuel. Bioheat® fuel is a […]

How To Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

Vaughn Oil’s tune-ups help keep your furnace going strong all winter long! Vaughn Oil urges customers to contact us now to book a furnace maintenance tune-up for their home before the temperatures drop, and our service department gets busier. If you make an appointment for a tune-up right away, it’s simpler to schedule and you […]

How To Read an Oil Tank Gauge

No More Oil Run-out Worries With Automatic Delivery! If you’re a Vaughn Oil heating oil customer and have chosen Will-Call for your heating oil delivery, then it’s important that you frequently check your tank’s fuel level. By doing this, you will be able to tell when it is time to order more heating oil. The […]

Refer a Friend and Get a Reward!

Share the benefits of being a Vaughn Oil customer Our objective at Vaughn Oil is to deliver the dependable, polite service that satisfies our customers every day. It’s at the center of our industry-leading warranties for Service, Quality, and Value. That dedication is why we have been in business for 50 years. We work hard […]

Is Heating Oil Safe?

Feel safe and secure with heating oil from Vaughn Oil! Heating oil has long been the preferred choice for Rhode Island residents to keep their homes warm, even with other fuel options available. The reason for this is that home heating oil is less expensive than other fuels and heats your house much faster than […]

Reasons to Replace Your Water Heater

Check out these 4 benefits of upgrading this year! How old is your water heater? If it is 10 years old or older, you are living on borrowed time with it because 10 years is the average life expectancy of a water heater. Now is the time to get started on replacing it, as you […]

Extend the Life of Your Oil Furnace

How long does an oil furnace last? That’s a good question, with a somewhat complicated answer.

How To Save on Energy Costs While on Vacation

Spend the money on fun stuff instead! If you’re taking a vacation this summer, you’ve got a lot of company as more Americans are looking forward to their first big vacation in years. According to Forbes, six out of 10 Americans are planning to travel at least once this summer, despite concerns over inflation and […]